A Path of Opportunity

RPR Stories3The West Toronto Railpath is a green transportation corridor, a linear park, and one of most exciting city-building opportunities in Toronto.

Spaces like the Railpath are important to me because they represent an innovative way of creating public space in a space-constrained city. They have the power to connect neighbourhoods and bring communities together. They have the potential to inspire art, economic development, and a cleaner transportation system.

The West Toronto Railpath is truly a project that was driven by the community. In 2001, residents came together to reclaim a Canadian Pacific Railway spur that hadn’t been used for 40 years. After years of effort by groups like Friends of the Railpath, the first phase of the linear park opened in 2009 and the second phase is scheduled to start in 2016.

By1AUGUCQAAU0fXEvery time my family and I ride or jog on the Railpath, we see more opportunity. Every time I talk to a resident about the Railpath, I hear new and creative ideas about community building, job creation, public art, and more.

Running, cycling, walking, and community events are the activities I enjoy most on the Railpath. I have participated in the Railpath Run for the past two years as it brings together a creative way of combining city-building, community, and fitness in a fun environment.

“I love seeing people from across the city using one of my favourite spaces in the city, deepening their appreciation for the Railpath while connecting with others in the community.”


Join runners (and Railpath enthusiasts) like Alex for the Annual Railpath Run.

See how fast/far you can run in a set time, set a new personal best, or take a lovely stroll on the West Toronto Railpath with the family in support of a good cause. Everyone is welcome!

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