BROWN+STOREY are the urban designers behind the West Toronto Railpath’s signature features and organization. A hybrid transportation corridor, the Railpath has succeeded in blending a multi-use trail with a fabric of small plazas and naturalized landscape features, stitching neighbourhood streets together and encouraging new investments along the trail.

“When we designed the first phase of the Railpath, we occupied the hallway outside our offices,” says James Brown, the firm’s principal urban designer. “With the plans stretched out on the hall floor, we were in everyone else’s way, but it was important to see the whole corridor as one piece, and that was the only way we could do it.”

The firm has embraced the Railpath Run as a unique opportunity for the community to come together to share an experience of the corridor. BROWN+STOREY have been thrilled to support the Railpath Run since 2013.

BROWN+STOREY’s public space and transportation projects have been repeatedly honoured with local and national awards, including Toronto and National Urban Design Awards for both the Railpath and the Victoria Park Transit Plaza.

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