A Path Paved With Memories

TaraTara Pearcey moved into the area with her husband when her daughter was 15 months old, now her daughter is almost 3. Like many local residents, Tara and her family frequent the West Toronto Railpath and cherish the wonderful resource that it brings to our community.

The Railpath is a path that connects really cool neighbourhoods in our city and a place where Torontonians can explore a part of our city by biking, running or walking without worrying about motorized vehicles. And like countless others, Tara is really excited to see this path extend beyond Dundas.

Tara uses the Railpath almost every day whether she’s having an early morning run, biking to work, or using it as a safe place to help her daughter practice walking or now riding her tricycle.

“Whenever I hit the Railpath at Dundas on my bike on the way home, I feel like I’ve entered a different place,” says Tara “it’s like an oasis in our busy city.”

Tara and her husband don’t own a car and they enjoy having an active lifestyle so having paths like the Railpath that connect their backyard to other areas of the city help them maintain this lifestyle.

While running in the mornings in 2014, Tara saw signs written in chalk along the Railpath promoting the Railpath Run and she thought this would be the easiest race to motivate herself to get to since she didn’t have far to go.

“I would just have to walk about 30 feet from my place to the start line!”

So in 2014, Tara decided to participate in the Railpath Run for her first time.

Tara has many “favourites” from the run. She likes that it all takes place on the Railpath which is a route she has grown to love, she likes that it is an intimate race with a great community feel, she likes that the race is a time trial, and she likes that it supports a wonderful cause like The Stop Community Food Centre. But above all, her fondest memory of the Railpath Run was what the race meant to her family.

tara family“My most favourite part of the run is that it is the only race I have participated in where my daughter has been able to come and watch me. She is almost 3 and I have participated in a few races since she was born but so far the crowds are too big and the logistics too difficult to get her there. At the Railpath run, both my husband and my daughter were there to cheer me on.”

For spectators at the Wallace Bridge, “Go Mommy, go!” was a cheered as Tara passed. It was a highlight of Race Directors who also got caught up in the moment and cheered for “Mommy” as she passed.

Tara was the fastest woman in the run in 2014. Her early morning runs on the Railpath likely helped with her training, but we’re pretty sure it was having the best people to cheer her on and home turf advantage that helped her keep pace.

Tara is looking forward to participating in the Railpath Run again in September as it is a welcoming community event that promotes great things like physical activity and amazing parts of our wonderful city such as the Railpath, while having options for running or walking so that everyone can feel comfortable participating.

“I wish there were more events like this!”


Join runners (and Railpath enthusiasts) like Tara for the Annual Railpath Run.

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